The Punisher: No Mercy

Duran is just out of jail and right-hand man Rizzo is there to welcome him back. The Punisher: No Mercy is a 100% independently-produced short film based on MARVEL’s Frank Castle “The Punisher”. Produced and starring Shawn Baichoo (Motion-capture actor from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution), Amber Goldfarb (“Aveline” from Assassin’s Creed: Liberation & AC4: Black Flag), co-written by Davila LeBlanc (League of Super Evil) and directed by newcomer J. Ambrus (Playthings, Skeletons, Imprint).

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The Punisher: No Mercy

“The first thing they do is freeze. Like always. So the first one’s a freebie”.

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The Punisher: No Mercy

Frank Castle vs. Elektra. “Some enemies you can’t plan for”.

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Mohawk Girls – Season 3 Trailer

The girls are back in an all NEW Season 3 of Mohawk Girls!

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The Oligarchs – News From America

The Oligarchs, a new series in development, created by award-winning writer/producer/actor Mark Antony Krupa, features the clash between the Old World rich and the New World poor.

Set in Eastern Europe, as well as New York and Montreal, it follows a cast of young, creative entrepreneurs threatened by the dark agenda of an enigmatic group of ‘angel investors’ with an unworldly thirst for recruiting new talent. The series is scheduled for production in 2016.

The Oligarchs – Trapped in an Open Cage

Lured to Prague with the promise of opportunity in the fashion world, Anna soon discovers her mentor’s true intentions.

Viewer Discretion – Catfight

The public have been warned. The children, the elderly and especially the sensitive, should all be tucked in their beds. Viewer Discretion has begun. When was the last time something deliberately funny and English came from Quebec?

Mountain Kombat

The Crimson Clan and the Feral Tribe have a score to settle. What started off as a weekly Stage Combat exercise eventually turned into a full-fledged short film, thanks to the immense talent and tireless efforts of Shawn Baichoo and his collaborators.