This site will give you a good idea of what James has worked on over twenty+ years of editing experience in documentary, fiction, comedy, corporate, and music video.

This includes two features and several promo pieces at the National Film Board of Canada, several independent fiction films, as well as numerous documentary features and TV series with Rezolution Pictures , Pixcom , Mohawk Princess Pictures , Mushkeg Media , Colin Neale Productions , Picture This Productions , Paul Carvalho Films , Swan Productions , and Mouvement Perpétuel .

James is bilingual, and is a very capable and flexible editor. He is equally comfortable piecing together films independently or following a tight script.

He has an additional ten years of experience in a variety of related disciplines, including video shooting and sound recording, 3D animation, and studio music recording.

A few years back, he produced, co-directed and edited a comedy demo entitled “Viewer Discretion”, excerpts of which can be seen in the fiction/comedy clips section.

In addition to editing, he is also a full member of ACTRA, and available to do acting and voice work. To check out his acting site, click here .


2021 – “In The Cards” – Independent Fiction web series, Mark A. Krupa, director

2020 – “Nbisiing” Short Documentary, Cole Forrest, director. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

2020 – “The Lingering” – Independent Science Fiction film, Mark A. Krupa, director.

2020 – “Blue Gill” – Independent fiction short film. Alberto D’Onofrio, director.

2019 – Mushkeg Media – “First Across the Line” (APTN) Documentary Series 4 eps.

2017/2018 – Picture This Productions – “Arm Nation” (APTN) Documentary series 7 eps.

2017 – National Film Board – “Aabiziingwashi (#WideAwake): NFB Indigenous Cinema on Tour!” – 2:00 min trailer

2016 – Kim I Productions – “Breakfast Run” (CBC) Courtney Montour, director. Short Documentary.

2016 – Rezolution Pictures – “Indians + Aliens (2)” (APTN) Documentary Series 4 eps.

2015/2016 – Mushkeg Media – “Mohawk Ironworkers” (APTN) Documentary Series – 4 eps.

2014/2015 – Rezolution Pictures/Mohawk Princess Pictures – “Dream Big” – 13 eps. (APTN) – Teen Documentary series.

2013 – Kombat Krew Films – “The Punisher: No Mercy” – Independent Film, Fiction.

2011/2013 – Rezolution Pictures – “Working it Out Together” Seasons 1, 2 – 9 eps. (APTN) Documentary series.

2012 – Pixcom – “Dangerous Flights” (Discovery) segment editor – Documentary series.

2012 – Picture This Productions – “Watchers of the North” – 4 eps. (APTN) Documentary Series.

2011 – I.D. Vision Films – “Sweet 16” – (International Distribution) Feature Length Documentary.

2010 – Zone 3 – “Grin and Build It” – (W Network) – 4 eps. – Reality Series.

2010 – Swan Productions – “Mishkuenita” – 9 eps. (APTN) – Documentary Series.

Contact me for a longer, more detailed CV. Enjoy the site!