Dream Big


Learn what it really takes to be a successful pop star, comic book artist, cartoon voice actor, lacrosse player, filmmaker, actor, doctor, baker, hockey goalie, photographer, palaeontologist, teacher. Knowledge is power. Role models inspire. Ambition leads to results.

James edited 13 episodes of this series.

The Geometry of Love


Margaret Visser, author of a book on the symbolism of churches called THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE, enters the church of Sant’Agnese furoi le Mura in Rome and proceeds to explain the profound meanings hidden in everything from stairwells to aisles, the altar, the marble tent above it, the columns and the shape of the church itself. Visser blends anthropology, theology, art history and architecture to provide us with revealing insights into the Christian search for transcendence and the evolution of Western civilization.

The Geometry of Love

Church Stairs

Margaret Visser, author of a book on the symbolism of churches called THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE, describes the unusual entrance to the church of Sant’Agnese furoi le Mura in Rome.

Sweet 16

Feature-Length Documentary

Sweet 16 is a film delving into the complexities of teen diabetes. Filmed over 5 years in Canada, USA and Ecuador, the film chronicles the highs and lows of teens dealing with a devastating Type 1 diagnosis at such an important crossroad in their life. Produced by I.D. Vision Films Inc.

Arm Nation

The Main Event

The path to being a top athlete is never easy. See what it takes for “pullers” to train seriously, coach, and compete their way through smaller tournaments to eventually participate at the big- ticket events.

Working it Out Together

Off To The Gym

Working it Out Together is a documentary series that follows Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller on her journey to empower Mohawk people to reclaim their vitality through health, wellness, and fitness.

Working it Out Together

Eating Healthy

Wahsontiiostha Tiffany Deer demonstrates several easy to make, tasty vegetarian dishes.

Grin an Build It

Ashley and Carolina

Designer Heather Smillie and contractor Jon Giacomelli work hand in glove with homeowners as they reconcile home owner design differences as they relate to the renovation at hand. There are rules and unexpected twists and turns challenging the established roles in the homeowners’ relationship. Produced by Zone 3.

Grin an Build It

Mel and Ascanio

Many a marriage has cracked under the stress of a home renovation project, and Grin and Build It cranks up the pressure with its mix of relationships, design and DIY — all on a gruelling three-day deadline, of course. Produced by Zone 3.

Finding Our Talk III


Finding Our Talk (Season 3) Every fourteen days a language dies. By the year 2100 more than half of the world’s languages will disappear. Indigenous people everywhere are fighting to beat the odds. It’s a remarkable story.

The third season of Finding Our Talk looks at innovative programs with an international perspective that includes episodes shot in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Latin and South America. Produced by Mushkeg Media.

Finding Our Talk III

Maori Intro

Intro to the episode about the Maori language in New Zealand.

Finding Our Talk III

Maori Immersion Schools

An exploration of the Maori language nests in New Zealand.



Mishkuenita est une série documentaire qui porte un regard de l’intérieur chez les Premières Nations au Québec. Témoin privilégié de l’univers autochtone, Michèle Rouleau, métisse Ojibway, poursuit une quête personnelle et mène une réflexion sur les grands enjeux qui concernent les Premières Nations.



Lyne-Sue Kistabish.